Put order consolidation to work in your DC
Is order consolidation right for your operation? Before answering, you may want to evaluate and consider a few options first. This paper will help to simplify the daunting task of trying to figure out what’s the best solution for your specific needs.

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Is Your Inventory Causing You Headaches?

Do you see these problems in your facility: congested aisles, frequent stock-outs, low productivity, work-related injuries, or poor floor space utilization? These are all problems that could be attributed to poor slotting. Don't worry, they could be correctable at minimal cost by simply understanding the impact of slotting.
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Return on Investment

Deciding how best to invest among competing alternatives is a principal function of management. By using the tools and methods you learn in this whitepaper, you will make more informed, logical choices when evaluating various investment opportunities.
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The Importance of Spare Parts
The value of any spare part is not what is spent on the cost of the actual component. What matters is the dramatic savings in time and money from having the part available. Is it worthwhile to save a few hundred dollars on a part that will cost you thousands of dollars in lost time?
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The Cost of Doing Nothing

When looking at future choices for your organization, the "Do Nothing" alternative needs to be considered in your decision-making process. What does it mean to "do nothing?” It means that you continue to take your business down the same path. It means that you make no changes and things remain the same, not getting any better, not reaching your operation's true potential, and failing to improve your products or services for your customers.
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Storage Systems and Liability

If one of your racks happen to collapse and injure an employee, who is responsible? Recent litigation in these types of events has been implicating companies for faulty engineering and failure to secure permits. Major penalties, ranging from fines that threaten a business' viability to jail time, are very real consequences. Most people will agree that ultimately, nothing is more important than personal safety.
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Know your actual yield

Planning a material handling system is a major undertaking, and the development of your ROI model is the foundation of the project's success or failure. The actual return realized will be based on what the system ultimately produces or yields. Setting realistic expectations on what your system will likely produce, not what it can produce, will lead to superior results. Download "Know Your Actual Yield" to learn more.
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