Exceeding Customer Expectations

For more than 40 years, AHS has been combining the power of creative design with a strategic selection of equipment manufacturers to create best-in-class fulfillment and distribution solutions for a wide variety of industries and clients. As a client of AHS, you get the personal time and attention of an expert, niche partner who will work with you one-on-one to develop the best solutions for you.

AHS takes great pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations and we thank them for providing these AHS Success Stories.


They have reduced their operating budget while increasing outbound volume

With the strong management team and workforce, Au-ve-co feels confident they will be able to handle continued growth while providing the superior customer service their clients have become accustomed to.



In utilizing AHS’s expertise, the Gap has been able to keep the overhead cost down, focus on pressing issues, and rely on them to assist with ongoing education of current technology and processes.


eBay Enterprise

The entire team stayed committed and followed the detailed master plan to meet the “Go Live” date. A series of stress tests simulating peak day volumes were successful. The results are very exciting with the system performing and producing the anticipated results.


Fulfillment optimization success story
Finish Line

The system was installed on time and within budget.

Within the first six weeks of production, the system was able to process 155% of year five projections.

100% of the previously installed equipment was reused within the new design.



After comparing layouts, evaluating locations and negotiating lease options, the team determined that the Monroe, OH location was best suited to enhance the customer experience.

Using the Forward Motion process, AHS provided multiple bids for products and services and ultimately implemented the solution.



The installed system is performing as expected and will support the additional volumes as forecasted by Smith & Hawken.



After a few short months of operation, the team was able to process higher volumes with one-third of its previous fulfillment team. With the master plan finalized, SwimOutlet is well positioned to implement future phases supporting their ongoing success.



The facility is able to expand to 500,000 square feet, positioning Hubert to accommodate future client demands as well as enhancing their position for new business development.


The Hillman Group

A modernized distribution facility that supports Hillman's plans for continued growth.

Increased average lines-per-person/per hour 61% by implementing pick-to-light technology and a state-of-the art WMS.



The system was tested within a couple of weeks from start-up by shipping over 8,000 orders within a 12-hour period.

With processing speeds between the WMS and CCS of less than 5 milliseconds, the system can induct over 120 cartons-per-minute to the multi-tasking, high-speed sortation system.