The AHS Story
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Lakeshore Learning
A case study

AHS - Put Pod
Guided Pack Table

AHS - Pivoting
Put Pod

AHS - Put Pod
Larger Pack Table

AHS - Put Pod
Back Side Put

AHS, Inc.: MDR Bag

AHS, Inc.: High Speed
Poly Bag Sorter

AHS, Inc: High Speed
Poly Bag Induction

AHS, Inc.: 2 to 1 Merge Table
Handling Cartons & Poly Bags

AHS, Inc. 2 to 1 Merger
with Poly Bags

AHS, Inc.: Sortation Chutes
for Cartons & Poly Bags

Small Parcel Sortation
for Boxes and Poly Bags

AHS, Inc. 3 to 1 Merge
Handling Poly Bags & Cartons

AHS, Inc. 3 to 1 Merge
for Poly Bags & Cartons