The AHS business model is based on strategic partnerships and the subsequent value they bring to each project. The synergy of these relationships provides a truly integrated approach to ensuring that your distribution and fulfillment operations perform at optimal capacity. Whether your growth initiatives include building a new distribution facility, re-designing an existing facility or simply updating equipment, AHS can assist you in maximizing the return on investment.

Material Handling Conveyors

With the ability to rapidly transport product and both sort and track progress throughout a facility, conveyor systems remain one of the most popular material handling technologies.

Material Handling Specialty Conveyors

Specialty Conveyor
These systems and conveyors are designed and manufactured for use in specialized facilities that conduct unique processes. Some examples include spiral, telescopic, flexible, and drive-out conveyors.

Material Handling Conveyor Control

Conveyor Control
The true measure of performance for any warehouse automation system lies in the conveyor control system used to integrate that system’s different components into a cohesive, seamless operating system.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System AS/RS

AS/RS An Automated Storage and Retrieval System
An Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) is a combination of equipment and controls that handle, store and retrieve materials as needed with precision, accuracy, and speed.

driverless industrial vehicles / AGVs

Driverless Industrial Vehicles/AGVs
AGVs increase efficiency and reduce costs by helping to automate a manufacturing facility or warehouse.

Chain Driven Live Roller CDLR conveyors

Chain Driven Live Roller
Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) conveyors are ideal for transporting loaded pallets, tires, drums, or other heavy items.

Material Handling Racking

Racking is generally regarded as wider, deeper and higher than Shelving and is the preferred method for storing large quantities of stock.

Material Handling Shelving

Shelving is a common method for storing cartons, totes or individual pieces of product.

Warehouse Storage Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh
Wire mesh decking is a popular option that will increase the safety and efficiency of any warehouse storage application.

ergonomic workstations

Ergonomic Workstations
Ergonomics refers to the science of optimizing physical movement to improve efficiency while limiting stress, and poor ergonomic practices can create serious safety hazards.

structural and seismic engineering

Structural & Seismic Engineering
The analysis of all material handling equipment and their anchoring such as storage racks, shelving, mezzanines, conveyors, carousels, tanks, machinery, movables, and fencing.

industrial steel mezzanine

Industrial steel work platforms (mezzanines) are your best solution to fully utilize existing overhead space so you can operate more efficiently and profitably.

in-plant modular offices

Modular Offices
Modular Offices or In-Plant Offices are perfect for maximizing space utilization.

distribution center unit sorters

Unit Sorters
Unit & Small Sorters have long been used in distribution centers for automatically sorting a large number of individual units to single store orders.

warehouse guarding fencing

Guarding / Fencing
Guarding and Fencing is important in every warehouse and distribution center. It protects people, machinery, and property from accidents involving forklifts, sweepers, or other moving equipment.