Distribution and Fulfillment Integration Services

Integration Services provides a solid technical foundation that is fundamental to the success of any project. Our goal is to assist you in the justification and implementation of your distribution and fulfillment initiatives by providing design and project management services from initial design through implementation. Our engineering and project management team is committed to providing you with the optimum solution for your material handling challenges.

The Integration Services team begins by undertaking the necessary time to understand the solution needed, develop the scope, schedule, and budget, and present to you the final solution that optimizes your distribution and fulfillment initiatives. We then review with all parties associated and upon approval, enter into the implementation phase.

Once a contractual agreement is in place, the AHS team quickly works to secure the proper approval documents, select appropriate vendors, and review critical documentation. Our unbiased approach, coupled with our expertise in planning, design, and implementation, will guarantee the best possible outcome for complex distribution and fulfillment issues.

Project Management
Throughout the project, AHS manages the scope, schedule, and budget. The AHS team handles all the details, from securing all necessary permits and paperwork to reviewing approval drawings, as well as overseeing equipment installation. To lessen the burden of the entire process for you, we provide a single point of contact so you only need to communicate with one person.

Post Start-up Services
Our job is not complete until you are fully satisfied. Once a project is complete, our team continues to work with you to ensure the solution meets your needs - now and in the future. Through responsive customer service and making available a wide variety of parts and equipment, we provide the necessary amount of support for all of your post-project needs.