Distribution Center and Fulfillment Solutions

AHS serves a diverse set of industries, drawing on experience from one vertical industry to help clients in other verticals. Our combined experience ensures we can meet the unique demands of a variety of organizations and provide profitable solutions to fulfill a wide array of material handling needs.

AHS understands the unique demands in this environment and works with our clients to provide the best turnkey solutions for their distribution centers. Holidays typically dictate the peak busy season for those in the retail field and our understanding of this quick change allows us to offer the necessary solutions to meet this need.

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Peak season can pose many challenges on a direct-to-consumer facility. AHS examines throughput numbers before recommending the proper sortation technology and tools to achieve the velocities required to meet the demands of peak and non-peak seasons.

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Third Party Logistics (3PL)
AHS works with third party logistics organizations to provide flexible fulfillment and distribution strategies that allow them to deliver their product to their customers easily, with built-in contingency plans to navigate unexpected roadblocks.

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AHS provides value-added services to plan, design, and implement a process to allow wholesale clients to distribute their products while optimizing customer service, fast delivery, high stock availability, and low cost initiatives—while realizing a profit.

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AHS combines knowledge of technology with creative designs to provide the best plan for clients’ manufacturing support needs. Operations personnel get better visibility into demand and inventory supply, empowering them to optimize production efforts in the end-to-end manufacturing process.

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More often than not, published material is date critical. AHS leverages all of its resources to work with clients in managing content and print so that materials get to market in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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AHS remains current on the latest methods of fulfilling pharmaceutical product orders with optimal efficiency while considering security, quality, and accuracy.

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