Fulfillment Optimization & Distribution Design Field Services

Our Field Services team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction by providing professional installation and maintenance services in a timely manner. Through these services, we help increase efficiency and productivity, maximize your performance, and reduce your downtime. Our technicians stay focused on minimizing the time required to repair/address issues of urgency. You will benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that all of our work adheres to local and national compliance codes.

24-Hour Service
Around the clock support, customized according to your needs, is available whether you need assistance only during your peak season or for an extended length of time.

Planned Maintenance
Gain cost savings and cost avoidance by ensuring that your automated equipment runs efficiently and performs to specifications.

Standard Service
Minimize the loss of revenue, frustration and delays related to breakdowns by immediately responding to your service call to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Mechanical Installation
Proper installation and field wiring of material handling equipment is critical for your success. Our field services team guarantees everything is installed to the highest standard and follows all local and national compliance codes.

Field Wiring
To handle all of your field wiring needs, our team offers complete electrical design services that adhere to all local and national compliance codes.

Rack Repair
Dented rack frames can be hazardous. The AHS team will repair your racks quickly, saving you both time and money. Click here to discover how much AHS Rack Repair services can save your company over traditional rack replacement.