AHS StorageBot Storage of cases totes and materials

2019 is all about cobots!

January 15, 2019

AHS is all about forward-thinking.

We have been working on new and pretty awesome solutions that will help our current and future customers further optimize and automate their business. What are we working on? A lot, actually, but we are especially excited to showcase the flexibility of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). Utilizing the base module of an AMR as a foundation, top modules can be designed as storage, pick-to-light solutions, transportation of carts or pallets, mobile onboard conveyor and much more.

The AHS StorageBoT is one example of just how flexible and customizable AMRs can be. The AHS StorageBoT allows for onboard storage of cases, totes, and other materials. The AHS StorageBoT creates efficient transportation utilizing a MiR robot. 

Want to learn more and possibly see it in person? Click here to contact Zac, Director of Emerging Technologies, and talk robots!

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