Cedar Works

Client: Cedar Works
Location(s): Peebles, OH
Facility Size: 70,000 sqft
Projects Implemented: 1
Years Servicing Client: 4
Vertical: Manufacturing

Cedar Works, a manufacturer of cedar bird/squirrel feeders and mail boxes, was growing both its client base and market share.

Cedar Works needed to consolidate multiple off-campus facilities onto their main campus to reduce overhead and support long-range business plans.

Cedar Works Research and Development (R&D) and maintenance departments had designed their own state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and work cells, but lacked the space to implement.

Managing cedar scraps from the manufacturing process was also a labor intensive process, requiring the incorporation of a scrap conveyor that would be accessible for the assemblers without obstructing or hindering their processes.

AHS assisted Cedar Works in not only designing a materials handling equipment system, but more importantly, connecting the existing building to the new building.

The team designed a system to deliver raw materials from the manufacturing facility through an outside enclosure, delivering and sorting to the appropriate work cells.

A multi-level system was installed which accomplishes the following:

Delivery of raw materials on the middle line.

Return of empty totes to manufacturing on the upper line.

Removal of scrap on the lower line, where it is conveyed to a shredder, shredded, bagged, and sold as bedding for pets.

Result: Shortly after completion, the system was faced with its first opportunity.

Cedar Works received multiple large orders from clients such as Wal-Mart, which posed a challenge to their outbound production capabilities. It was apparent after a few days of production that the system implemented far exceeded everyone's expectations


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